Healthcare Finance and Financial Management

This textbook is intended for students preparing as advanced practice clinicians, including DNPs, DPTs, DOTs, and physician assistants. It is organized in two main parts. The first focuses on macro issues in healthcare finance and policy issues, and the second concentrates on healthcare financing management in professional practice. This approach provides the context necessary for […]

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Health Care Finance For Nonfinancial Managers

This is the most practical financial management text for those who need basic financial management knowledge and a better understanding of healthcare finance in particular. Using actual examples from hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies, this user-friendly text includes practical information for the nonfinancial manager charged with budgeting. New to the Third Edition: […]

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Cases in Healthcare Finance

With this casebook, students have the opportunity to apply finance principles and concepts to settings that simulate actual work environments. In that way, the book allows instructors to create a bridge between academic learning and applied practice. Each of the 32 finance cases presents relevant background on a healthcare organization, along with a financial management […]

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Healthcare Business Intelligence

Solid business intelligence guidance uniquely designed for healthcare organizations Increasing regulatory pressures on healthcare organizations have created a national conversation on data, reporting and analytics in healthcare. Behind the scenes, business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) capabilities are key drivers that empower these functions. Healthcare Business Intelligence is designed as a guidebook for healthcare […]

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Understanding Value Based Healthcare

Provide outstanding healthcare while learning how to navigate the quickly evolving landscape of healthcare reform with this comprehensive, engagingly written guide.Understanding Value-Based Healthcare is a succinct, interestingly written primer on the core issues involved in maximizing the efficacy and outcomes of medical care when cost is a factor in the decision-making process. Written by internationally […]

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Healthcare Valuation, The Financial Appraisal

A timely look at the healthcare valuation process in an era of dynamic healthcare reform, including theory, methodology, and professional standards In light of the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry sector, the analysis supporting business valuation engagements for healthcare enterprises, assets, and services must address the expected economic conditions and events resulting from the […]

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Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

This new Fourth Edition of Financial Management of Health Care Organizations, offers an introduction to the most-used tools and techniques of health care financial management, including health care accounting and financial statements; managing cash, billings and collections; making major capital investments; determining cost and using cost information in decision-making; budgeting and performance measurement; and pricing. […]

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Introduction to the Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations

This book introduces financial management in the context of the healthcare organization and the broader healthcare environment. The core finance topics are covered – working capital, resource allocation, and financial analysis – with a focus on the unique aspects of healthcare financial management. The objectives of healthcare financial management, the tax status of healthcare organizations, […]

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Essentials Of Health Care Finance

Essentials of Health Care Finance stands firmly in its place as the leading textbook on healthcare finance. No other text so completely blends the best of current finance theory with the tools needed in day-to-day practice. Useful for all course levels as well as a professional reference, this text offers a comprehensive introduction to the […]

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Healthcare Finance: An Introduction

Like its predecessors, this textbook teaches the reader the fundamental concepts of healthcare finance, including both financial management and accounting. The fourth edition features: New or expanded coverage of: Municipal bond pools, Cost of capital for not-for-profit and small businesses, Modified internal rate of return, Supply chain management , Health savings accounts, Current information on […]

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